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    Recycled Road Base Materials for Shoalhaven

    Here at South Coast Concrete Crushing & Recycling, we’re highly skilled in the production of recycled construction materials for road bases and other construction requirements.

    Our services are designed to simultaneously save you money and protect our environment through the use of materials that would otherwise contribute to landfill.

    The construction materials that you need when you need them

    Our experts can provide on-site inspections to ascertain the ideal construction materials for your specific needs. SCCCR provides reliably fast turnaround times on every single client’s material requirements, no matter how large or small their projects may be. From a wide range of processed materials to products that are available for recycling, we’re confident that we can supply the proper materials for any commercial or residential building job.
    Bulldozers doing road base construction in Shoalhaven

    Our construction materials

    • CSS 20mm and 40mm
    • DGB 20mm recycled concrete (RMS 3051 Ed 5)
    • DGB 40mm recycled concrete (RMS 3051) 
    • DGS20mm (RMS 3051)
    • 150mm sub-grade replacement
    • 75mm sub-grade replacement
    • 75mm, 40mm, and 15/25mm aggregates
    • 80-150mm aggregate
    • 75mm brick blend
    • Dust (basalt)
    • Ripped shale
    • Overburden blend
    • UPM

    We also offer a range of materials for recycling, including:

    • Concrete tipping (clean)
    • Brick tipping (clean)
    • Concrete and brick tipping mixed (bulk)
    • Ute and trailer brick or concrete
    • Ute and trailer mixed loads
    • Asphalt tipping

    Bulk prices are available on many of our construction materials, so please do contact one of our friendly team members for further details.

    Contact Nowra's environmentally conscious quarried and recycled concrete products supplier on     02 4421 7766 .

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